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TARA path is all about

acknowledging the loving messages of our body, transmuting what no longer serves you, and creating resonance on a cellular level with wellness and sovereignty.

Hi!  I am Tara Chambers, and I address the root causes of what creates pain or dis-ease in the body, which creates alignment with feeling good in our bodies, and MUCH more!  Many are making choices and decisions based on tribal programming and fear without even knowing it.  Many assume that if they follow the rules and do what “makes sense,” that all will work out as "promised."  Sadly, what often takes place is feeling a lack of joy, purpose or fulfillment in life.  This is our emotional guidance system saying “please connect with your heart and your true self.”  When we bypass the guidance of our emotions, our body starts speaking to us since pain is hard to ignore.  I prefer to think of pain as a loving message from our body wanting something MUCH better for ourselves!  

Bottom line -- When we live in alignment with our life purpose and what brings us joy,  THAT is when wellness and MANY more possibilities show up for us in a paradigm of grace and ease.  It's a magical, empowering place to be, and YES, -- all that I do -- YOU can learn to do as well!

Knee Injury Happy in Under 7 Minutes

While many may believe that a hiking injury is the root cause of knee pain, there is always something deeper that attracted the hiking injury in the first place! This recording is a result of doing a live demo healing on Eram Saeed's "From Heartache to Joy" tele-summit in April 2019.

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