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transmuting whatever is out of alignment with your Soul's True Nature on a cellular level, so that you can experience wellness and harmony in ALL areas of your life.

Hey!  Thanks for being here!  Everything that takes place in your body, life, relationships, and even your bank account is a reflection of what frequency your cells are vibrating.  The great news is that you have the power to shift that vibration.  Yes!  You can shift your DNA and lots more!   We can do this together via private sessions OR, you can learn how to do this via my online course called Sacred Alignment.  It's easier to do than you might think, AND it's SO empowering!

If you have lots on your plate and don't have time for an online course -- I get it -- all good.  Please watch the video down below to see if what I offer is a match for you!

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Knee Injury Happy in Under 7 Minutes

Witness how something that is "supposed" to take weeks to heal, can take place in 7 minutes! (Not all that we were taught is true!) The root cause of knee pain is much deeper than a hiking injury! This live healing demo took place on Eram Saeed's "From Heartache to Joy" tele-summit in April 2019.

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as you witnessed in the video above!


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